Our diversity gives our students the unique opportunity to learn other languages

Mother Tongue courses

Welcome to Gothenburg British International School (BISG)

At BISG we will  provide mother tongue support for all students by encouraging and giving opportunities for all students to read in other languages than English.

There will be also opportunities provided for students to complete assignments and tasks in their mother tongues.

Male High School Student Wearing Uniform Working At Table

We support our students to develop a love of learning and achieve to the best of their ability

Swedish Courses

In addition to students from international communities, BISG serves a number of students with a Swedish background, typically children of returning expatriate families, or Swedish students planning to move abroad.

BISG will offer Swedish courses according to the student’s need of the language.

The opportunities to learn different languages at BISG are numerous and prepares students for the future

English Courses

Our English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme is designed to provide academic instruction and support for English language learning.

The programme’s purpose is to ensure that our students become proficient in English and achieve academic success.

Who are our students ?

BISG is the best educational choice of the globally mobile  business and research community in Gothenburg.

 Families that have worked or are going to work abroad and have connections with industry and commerce, the university or other international interests, are the school’s main target group.